Monday, April 13, 2009

Lyriciss-Doing My Job

So when you gonna get me on a track man!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What is Hip-Hop?

So today I am in the house chilling listening to the new Wale song I mentioned in my previous post, and I just pondered to myself...What is Hip- Hop? Now some might mention Big daddy Kane, KRS-One, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Big L. Yes, they can be called the pioneers of rap music but I am talking about the now. When I say "Hip-Hop" what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it some snap rap song that has repetitive lyrics, used in almost every song? Or is it some kind of Autotune song that is featured in every other song on the radio?

Well let me explain what Hip-Hop is to me. Hip hop is a lyricist, such as Wale. His verses can twist your mind into another dimension. For example his song off of The Mixtape About Nothing ,called The Kramer. This song tells a story about how the word "Nigger/Nigga" is used in our society today and how it is impossible to stop it. Damn I love this song, when you get a chance please listen to it.

Anyway, lyricists don't get the shine they deserve, they get pushed to he back because of the brainwashed public. I would boycott the radio, but there are still some stations that are not bombarded with Wayne, Pain, and Soulja Boy. Just saying, if you are one of those Stanky Leg and Swagg on lovers, take the time out to actually listen to the lyrics, you will find that they are saying absolutely nothing of any value. Just saying.

Recorded a new song "So Much Greater"

Wale - Penthouse Anthem

This song is on a whole 'nother level. I thought it was just going to be some stripper joint, but it is smooth as hell. "Little bit of Marvin, dim those lights, bet I beat it up like Kimbo Slice" DAMN!

Good job Wale, is this from Back to The Feature, or Attention: Deficit?

Download Wale - Penthouse Anthem

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Guess I should Introduce Myself...

Actually, no. I am not going to introduce myself. If you are here you must know something about me already, right? Unless you just stumbled upon this page in some obscene search for the words "Artist Not Rapper". Since you are here you must wonder what these words mean. Separately, they mean nothing but placed together in this order you will find it makes a statement about me.

I consider myself an artist, I refuse to be called a rapper. Yes, I do rap, but the connotations with rap music are just so ignorant that I will not let myself be placed in the same category as Soulja Boy. Some people hear me rap and they don't like it , sometimes I don't like it. This is all changed when I sit down with my headphones on and make a work of art. See there is a difference between rapping and artistry. Rapping is when you can make words rhyme over a beat. Artistry is when you can flip syllables and other forms of language into intricate twists and turns that keep your audience entertained, yet at the same time, they understand what you are speaking of without having to try to pull meaning out of meaningless rhymes.

I look up to only a few artists, even less rappers.This is because most of these famous people don't have any talent at all. They just do what the label tells them to do, no questions asked. Why? Because all they want is money and fame. This is what our race has come to? We don't seem like Harvard, and Yale graduates. We don't seem like the top companies in this country. We don't respect our elders. We don't enjoy helping others. This needs to change right now, because in the eye of others we seem ignorant, uneducated, and causes of violence. We can do better people, how about we try?